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The Windy City Assassin is Back

“He’s there now.” -Tom Thibodeau

Prepare your boner pants.

Kidd vs. Shaw: A Textversation

Sometimes the DRaT guys text about stuff. Usually its really dumb and laced with profanity. But sometimes its worthy of its own post. Everyone, enjoy the first of many future installments of Textversation!


Geo: Shaw > Kidd personally

Weiner: From a fan standpoint I’m rooting hard for Kidd. Intrigued.

Geo: Of course. But come on nets haha!

Bicky: I think Kidd will struggle. Gonna ride his PG hard. The greats aren’t great teachers usually. To them it’s like “why don’t you get this?????”

Geo: So you don’t think Ewing’s gonna turn the Bobcats around? LOL

Bicky: Lol don’t him and Jordan not get along?

Weiner: He’s been a player coach for 3 years and successfully transitioned to a role player.

Bicky: Ya true true. Just think Shaw would be better. Think Kidd can get Brook to play D? Wouldn’t you want the guy who’s been working with Hibbert?

Geo: It’s very close. Even Lionel’s available. I think the Nets are pretty talented in some areas just need direction. They have a crazy owner willing to spend too.

NBA Finals Predictions

The crew here at @DRosesandThorns makes our NBA Finals predictions ahead of tonight’s Game 1:
Jacob Bikshorn (@OldManBikshorn): San Antonio Spurs in 7, Tim Duncan MVP
Steven Kerstein (@Stavster91): San Antonio Spurs in 6, Tony Parker MVP
Tyler “Geo” Geocaris (@Gbaby1513): San Antonio Spurs in 7, Tony Parker MVP
Jake Weiner (@jakezner): Miami Heat in 6, LeBron James MVP
Who do you guys think will take home the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!