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Free Agency Bonanza Podcast with Jake Weiner & Jeff Berest

(D)Roses and Thorns contributors Jake Weiner and Jeff Berest connected to talk about the 76ers recent moves and a whole lot about all the free agency news. Including Danny Green, DeMarre Carroll, Paul Millsap, Greg Monroe, Khris Middleton, Brandon Knight, Wes Matthews, Tyson Chandler, LaMarcus Aldridge and much more. And of course, Jimmy Butler and Mike Dunleavy Jr. may have come up.

Green On Fire


I must admit than when I predicted that Danny Green would win MVP I was a bit facetious. Yes, it is undeniable that Green had been a key contributor through the first four games of the series, but I was kind of waiting for any of the traditional stars from either team to seize the opportunity to shine in these back and forward NBA Finals. But the regression to the mean that we all have been waiting for has not happened yet, as Green put on another incredible display of long distance shooting in Game 5, going 6-10 from three. The impressive performance somehow actually lowered Green’s 3P%. That is how ridiculously hot this guy has been so far. A 60% shooting night from three was perhaps his worst performance of the finals.

And Sunday night wasn’t just an impressive performance. It was also a record breaking one. Ray Allen had previously held the record for most treys in a single NBA finals, knocking down 22 in seven games in 2008. Green has shattered that mark, with 25 already through just five games! THE DUDE IS AVERAGING FIVE 3’S A GAME!! ON 68.5% SHOOTING!!!! FROM DEEP AS FUCK!!!!!!!

Looking ahead to Game 6, the Heat need to be asking themselves some tough questions: How can we get Lebron going early, how can we reintegrate the Birdman into the rotation, how can we get Mike Miller some more open looks. But the question that has kept Sad Erik Spoelstra up at night has got to be “HOLY FUCK CAN SOMEBODY GUARD THAT FUCKING D-LEAGUE PIECE OF SHIT?!?!?”

Who’s your Finals MVP?

This dude won so many Finals MVPs they named the damn award after him.
This dude won so many Finals MVPs they named the damn award after him.

For the first time since probably Boston in 2008, we legitimately have no idea who the MVP of this Finals is. LeBron and Dirk wrapped up the last two pretty convincingly, and a couple pantheon performances from King James this week would certainly change things. The Bill Russell NBA Finals MVP almost always goes to a future Hall of Famer (the last five are James, Nowitzki, Kobe (2x), Paul Pierce & Parker). For now, though, the Spurs are up 3-2 and there are valid arguments to be made for Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and Danny Green (yep) as Finals MVP.

Here’s the DRaT staff picks for MVP:

Geo- LeBron James

Weiner- LeBron James

Stavi- LeBron James

Bicky- Danny Green


Staff Predictions After Game 4


Jake Weiner

After last night’s return of the real King James and the Big 3, I’m confident sticking with my original pick of Miami in 6 with LeBron James as MVP. While the first four games have certainly be unique and dramatic, Miami finds itself in a position where it only needs to win one more road game in order to get two cracks at clinching at home. If Wade and Bosh can continue to play like themselves (is that really asking too much?), I’m confident that James will take over down the stretch and bring home wins for Miami in games 5 and 6.

Steven Kerstein

Miami in 6. MVP: LeBron James

While Dwyane Wade definitely shined in Game 4, it’s the King’s series to take over.  His 33-11-4 line certainly negated his nightmarish performances earlier in the series.  LeBron looked confident taking it to the hole and hitting his mid-range jumper. Spolestra definitely hit something by starting Miller.  By spacing the floor with Miller, San Antonio cannot crowd the paint. End result- an open lane to the throne for the King.

Jacob Bikshorn

Last night was pretty frightening for anyone who’s a fan of the Spurs. Miami was clicking on all cylinders, and they weren’t even hitting their threes which was the key to their first win in this series. But the Heat, dating back to the conference finals, have seemed unable to string together consecutive performances of this magnitude. I’m going to stick with my original prediction of Spurs in seven simply because while Miami’s best is better than the best of San Antonio, their worst is far worse than anything the Spurs will put on the court. But I’m changing my MVP prediction to the scorching hot Danny Green simply because none of the Spurs superstars have separated themselves from the pack.

Tyler Geocaris

Heat in 7
MVP LeBron James

While there was no clear cut MVP in the series in the first three, last night James showed the world how unbelievable he really is. If he continues to play at this level like he should on a nightly basis, I find it hard for the Heat to lose in the Finals and LeBron not getting Finals MVP.

Tell us what you think! Vote in our poll and comment who you think MVP will be!

A Gambling Guide to Game Four

Hey Guys,

After my picks for Games 2 and 3, I wouldn’t blame you if you stopped reading and went on with your busy, interesting lives.

Guys, this is why it is nearly impossible to consistently make money picking individual games.

Let me put this nicely.  On a day to day basis, how can I responsibly put money on the shoulders of athletes who show up drunk to games, assault their girlfriends and have mysterious packages shipped to them?  I can’t.  They are too many variables for me.  In the market, I’m not counting on a company’s (team’s) performance.  I’m counting on my peers’ perceptions of these performances.

Just wait until the start of next season when DRAT gives you our O/U NBA team wins.  We’ll go at least 60%; I can guarantee it.  (Did I use that semi-colon correctly?)

Needless to say, I wasn’t banking on San Antonio knocking down 16 treys and setting a new NBA Finals record. Danny Green and Gary Neal probably saw my prediction and said to hell with Stavi and his stupid prophecies.   Even with the 16 treys, the two teams only combined for 190 and just barely covered the spread of 188.

Nevertheless, the narrow spread in Game 3 proved to hold true.  Narrow spreads mean STAY AWAY and unless you truly are the Long Island Medium (Happy Birthday Hannah), you couldn’t have told me that the Spurs would have put on a whooping like that.  When the “price” is that off from the actual outcome, Vegas either makes a fortune or gets killed.  If you want to make money, stay away from close spreads. Vegas is telling you: WE DON’T WHO WILL WIN: STAY AWAY BUT WE WILL GLADLY TAKE YOUR MONEY.

But now for tonight’s matchup, Game 4 in San Antonio.   Here’s my common courtesy to you:

Miami -1.5

Miami -125 San Antonio +105

O/U 186.5

We just talked about the narrow spread, so you know by now Vegas doesn’t have a clue about tonight’s victor. You would think Lebron would prove all the naysayers wrong and come out to play tonight.  But that would be too predictable.  I can’t pick against the Heat, but last game’s performance doesn’t necessarily instill confidence.  But, nobody’s got a gun to my head. I’ll hold.

In terms of the O/U, I’ll double down because YOU ALWAYS DOUBLE DOWN ON ELEVEN.  But seriously, no way the Spurs shoot the rock like Game 3.  While Miami will score more points, I’m following the smart money.  The line opened at 188 and has tumbled to its current mark of 186.5. That’s a bearish engulfing pattern if you ask me.  Under and load up the truck.

Of course, you guys should disregard everything I just said if you want to make money.