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Steve’s FanDuel Winner 12/30/14

Unfortunately, we couldn’t follow up our killer Sunday with an equally as awesome Monday Night.  We went 4/20 in GPPs…Disappointing, but we learned some valuable lessons.

1) There’s a time for everything- If you punted Gerald Henderson, Marvin Williams and John Henson in the same lineup, more power to you.  Next time a day like yesterday presents itself, we’ll be POUNDING that strategy.

2) Everyday presents a completely different puzzle. Think about it like poker..study the hands so you don’t make the same mistakes twice.

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GPPs (as of 12:30 CST):


There is almost 100% certainty that these lineups will change.  I will do my best to update them as frequently as possible.  But, there are no guarantees!!  Remember, YOU are responsible for your money.

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