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The valiant return of LeBron James’ headband

If the going gets tough, will James shed the headband?
If the going gets tough, will James shed the headband?

You might think you know what’s gonna happen, but come on. It’s Game 7. It’s the definition of a toss up; it’s also our first NBA Finals Game 7 since Kobe’s infamous 6/24 Finals MVP clincher in 2010. Kinda cool?

Pretty much everyone and their brother (no one’s mother watches basketball) is convinced that Miami, fresh off its Game 6 miracle, will blow out San Antonio tonight, or at least win comfortably. The Spurs blew their best shot at another ring and a road team hasn’t won Game 7 in the Finals since 1978.  I’m not so sure about that. First, James has made the controversial decision to bring back the headband. I’m gonna need a minute to talk about this headband. For the last few years of James’ career, he’s received heaps of mockery and criticism for his insistence on wearing an increasingly bigger headband to hide his receding hairline. It’s not like we don’t know what he looks like without it; I couldn’t have been the only person that almost slashed the tires of every Samsung Galaxy owner last year. (Skip to the 0:44 mark to see James cinematically and self-consciously flip off his hat as he sits down in the barber’s chair.) Finally, LeBron’s sweat-infused hairline cover was swiped off miraculously by Tim “Big Fundamental” Duncan. James, struggling until this point, went out to absolutely dominate the fourth quarter until his weird string of misplays. Ultimately, a headbandless King James staved off elimination. Will the return of the headband doom James in Game 7? Will he bring it back if he struggles early? IT’S TOO MUCH TO EVEN CONSIDER. THE STAKES ARE LARGER THAN YOU CAN EVEN IMAGINE! YOU THOUGHT SPACE JAM WAS NUTS?!

Anyway, Miami has not won back-to-back games since they defeated the Bulls in mid-May and I lived in Scandinavia. After Coach Popovich’s curious string of late-game decisions, I have no doubt that Pop has some tricks of his sleeve. Tim Duncan and co. have never lost a Finals series (4-0) and thrive on being counted against. Don’t you think the stage is set perfectly for the Spurs to shock the world one last time in what’s been a thrilling and shocking series?

With all that being said, I still have to roll with Miami tonight. LeBron James is too good on both sides of the ball, and with Dwyane Wade’s knees acting up, Erik Spoelstra has a great excuse to go to his deadly Chalmers/Allen/Miller + James lineup. I’m expecting an excellent game, but in the end I believe Miami pulls away and takes Game 7 of the Finals by eight to 12 points. I would make a joke about drowning my sorrows in alcohol, but let’s be honest: I’m a cheap sellout and can’t wait to cash in on my $50 bet on Miami to win this series.