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Note-A-Bulls: Deplete-A-Bulls drop a tough one to John Wall and the Wiz

In a game missing Jimmy Butler (illness), Dwyane Wade (DND-rest), Nikola Mirotic (ill), and with Rajon Rondo’s recent drama, this was expected to be a blow out win for the Washington Wizards at home. It was anything but. The Bulls once had an 18-point lead, outscoring the Wizards bench 48-16, but the Wizards cast a lethargy spell on the Bulls in the third quarter and closed the gap, got back in the game, and handed the ball to John Wall to hit the game winner with 5 seconds to go. Doug McDermott had a chance to knock down a game-winning three, but couldn’t connect, as the Bulls drop to 19-20.

  • The one big positive for the Bulls after was a breakout game by Denzel Valentine. With the short rotation, he was given substantial minutes (30), second to only Robin Lopez. He made the most of his minutes, connecting on five threes (11 FGA) for 19 points on 7/15 overall. It’s great to see him getting some significant minutes and performing well, since he might be a part of this Bulls team in years to come.
  • Disappointingly, Doug McDermott struggled mightily Tuesday night, hitting only two field goals in 11 attempts. He also whiffed on all five of his shots from behind the arc. Despite all that, the last play of the game was drawn up for him and, unsurprisingly, he stayed cold. McBuckets had the worst +/- of the team at -12 with only four points, one rebound, and one assist. Rough night for Sneaky Hops. Without Butler and Wade drawing attention, his recently patented back-cuts were a non-factor.
  • Isiah Canaan was on the court, but the only stat line that would prove it is his 10 minutes of play. Okay, he did have one rebound. And he did turn it over once. Not a good look. He didn’t hoist a shot tonight and gave up just about a point a minute while he was out there.
  • The Bulls average about 20 three point shots a game, but tonight put up 27, connecting on 10 of them – Valentine accounting for half. The Bulls don’t connect on a good enough clip to justify taking this many threes, but tonight they were well above their average of 31.6%.
  • Rajon Rondo actually had a positive +/- after his -20 in the first half of the Pacers game in which he was benched. He put forth a decent performance on 6/13 from the field, four rebounds, and six assists. He did have two turnovers, but he had three steals, and finished with a huuuuuuge +4 (!) – whoa. We’ll see what comes from him next, but probably a regression back to where he was.
  • A 16 point third quarter saw the remainder of the Bulls’ 18 point lead diminish. By the end of the third, the Wizards had retaken the lead. Despite a Bulls bounce back to take a seven point lead with seven minutes to go, the Wizards athleticism proved to be too much against a depleted Bulls team.
  • What can you say about John Wall. The guy had 26 points on 11/21 shooting, with a whopping 14 assists and a +24 for the day.
  • Up Next: The Bulls go to New York on Thursday to play the Knicks, and Rondo/Rose will argue over who has more off-court drama. The Wizards travel to Boston on Wednesday.

BULLet Points: Wizards score easy victory over fledgling Bulls

With March Madness in full effect, the Bulls looked like a team more suited for the 68 team field than the NBA playoffs. The Bulls fell back to .500 on the season (33-33) and a lousy 12-21 on the road thanks to a 117-96 beat down at the hands of the Washington Wizards.

  • The Wizards came out firing on all cylinders, scoring 32 points in the first quarter in what is becoming an alarming trend for these defensively challenged Bulls. The ball movement was crisp; they were able to get out in transition and knocked down every open shot the porous Bulls D allowed them.
  • Speaking of the Bulls defense, it was downright horrendous from start to finish. They were lazy in getting back (regardless of whether it was a make or miss) and allowed the Wiz way too many easy points in transition (25 to be exact).
  • The Bulls also failed miserably in running the Wizards off the three-point line when it seemed like there were four or five Steph Curry’s on the floor for them at all times. As a team, they shot 13-21 from deep (62%), with a special shout out to Garrett Temple, who went 5-6 from behind the arc and was constantly gifted open looks by a Bulls defense that made the three point line feel like a moat with how much space was awarded to the Wizards.
  • An even bigger cause for concern is the absence of Taj Gibson from the second half of this game. He tweaked his hamstring that he was quoted as saying “killed” him in the last game against the Raptors. After a comment like that you would expect the Bulls medical staff to keep Gibson out of tonight’s game. But nope, he played an ineffective seven minutes in the first half before being pulled at halftime. He is sure to miss future games and questions have to be asked about why he was even in the lineup in the first place given how much his hamstring hurt just two days prior.
  • Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose combined for a silent 33 points on the night, but only shot 35% between the two of them. The playmaking was not there for these two when at least one of them has to step up each and every night for the Bulls to beat playoff caliber teams. As a team, the Bulls played too much hero-ball with too little off the ball movement and their two stars exemplified that on this forgettable night in the nation’s capital.
  • The lone bright spot for the Bulls is the consistently improving Doug McDermott. He scored 20 points on an efficient 10 shots for the night. The forward looked confident in his stroke behind the arc, as well as beating defenders off the drive. This is the offensive threat the Bulls imagined the Creighton alum would be when they traded two first rounders for him. Doug spaces the floor like few can on the roster, especially when Mike Dunleavy disappears (0/4 shooting on the night). The Bulls will need this type of production consistently from McBuckets while Rose and Butler struggle to stay healthy.
  • McDermott was only outshone on the night by the breathtaking John Wall. Wall had himself a game, recording a triple double of 29 points, 12 assists, and 10 rebounds. He was also a ridiculous +38 on the night in 39 minutes played. Not sure why he played that much but this much is for certain, the Wizards won because they had Wall and the Bulls didn’t.
  • Coming up: The Bulls start a very important and winnable three game homestand tonight against the Brooklyn Nets.

BULLet Points: Bulls can’t match Wizards energy in disappointing loss

For the second straight game, the Bulls were out-hustled, out-matched, and out-classed, in a game in which the faltering Wizards entered at 16-19, missing Bradley Beal, Marcin Gortat, and Kris Humphries. What should have been a relatively easy victory was another uninspired and unimaginative struggle bus of an effort, as the Bulls dropped to 22-14.

  • The first half of the game was characterized by turnovers (two in as many possessions to start the game), a lack of sharpness, and mental mistakes. The Wizards sprinted out to a double digit lead, which the Bulls briefly captured back, before the Wizards bolted right back to taking a 14 point lead into halftime.
  • A series of turnovers by the Wizards, Nene saving the ball under his own basket, aggressive drives by Derrick Rose, and a patented Jimmy Butler passing lane steal resulted in a 10-0 run that got the Bulls back to within six in the third quarter. But second chance points due to a lack of effort on the part of the Bulls kept them at arm’s length – the Wizards had 21 second chance points for the game. The Bulls managed to do just enough to keep the game within striking distance and tried to make the fourth quarter interesting with a four-point play from Doug McDermott and a couple more Wizard turnovers, but it ultimately wasn’t enough.
  • The Bulls were not on the same page on the pick and roll. Seemingly in three consecutive PNR plays involving Derrick and Pau, Derrick turned it over, passing nowhere near the rolling big man. Overall, Derrick scored 23 points, but had four turnovers and only one assist. His shooting numbers looked good – 8/13, 2/3 from the three point line, and 5/5 from the line, but was by far the worst +/- on the team with -26 (next was McDermott at -15).
  • Joakim Noah was back tonight, hoping to help plug what had become a gaping hole in the paint, after the Bulls gave up 66 easy points against Atlanta, but it didn’t seem to help quite enough. The Wizards still managed 46 points down low. Offensively, Jo was a non factor. He was 0/7 – five of them were tip-ins at the rim and one was within the restricted area. Of course it wasn’t all on Rose and Noah – the whole team struggled – but this shot chart just makes me cringe:

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 10.02.59 PM

  • This was the 11th straight game that the Bulls scored 100 points or more, but it doesn’t mean much if you don’t win. Hoiberg is struggling to figure out why the Bulls come out lethargic, saying: “We didn’t come out of the gate with the energy we needed to. It’s beyond me how that could happen,” and “the guys on the bench talk more than the guys on the floor, for whatever reason.”
  • John Wall was too much for the Bulls, breaking down the defense on the pick and roll, having his choice of a rolling big man, popping the jumper if the Bulls played off him down low, or driving and kicking for some nice ball movement. The Wizards had 31 assists on 48 baskets and looked much better than their record would indicate.
  • Coming up: the Bulls take on the Milwaukee Bucks on NBATV tonight.

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BULLet Points: Rose Wins Duel with Wall

WOO!!!!! That was quite the exciting victory! Less than 24 hours after last night’s thrilling 129-120 dismantling of the conference-leading Toronto Raptors, the Bulls went into Washington and took out John Wall and the Wizards 99-91.

  • John Wall is really freakin’ good. After a slow first half, Wall turned on the jets after halftime. At one point in the fourth quarter Wall was so unstoppable that I thought the Bulls would lose by 10. This layup is mind-blowingly great. Wall had 18 points and nine assists.
  • When the Wizards took their first lead of the half after a 12-0 run led by Wall, Rose responded emphatically. For the second straight night, Derrick got to all his spots in the final quarter and executed beautifully. He finished with 25 points on 10/17 shooting, with 18 coming after the half and 10 in the fourth. What’s even more encouraging is that Rose hasn’t been relying on the three pointer as much. His only three tonight was a desperation buzzer beater to close the half. Derrick added four assists and two steals in addition to five turnovers.

  • Speaking of goofy buzzer beaters, Pau Gasol notched his first three of the season to close the first quarter! Nikola Mirotic got a nice chunk of fourth quarter minutes, but Tom Thibodeau chose to bring back Pau for the final four minutes after Booz-ing him for the fourth last night.
  • Jimmy Butler was still great, but he had a regression game that was due. After averaging 30.7 points over his last three games, Jimmy put in 11 points on 4/13 shooting.
  • He wasn’t the most important guy for the Wizards, but it’s kind of jarring seeing Rasual Butler (25 minutes, 1/7 shooting) playing crunch time minutes for a legit playoff team. A couple years ago he couldn’t crack the rotation at all for the Bulls. A bizarre redemption story for a longtime journeyman.
  • Professor Andre Miller took these fools to school when Wall came out. It’s delightful watching the Professor find ways to score the ball on the block even though he can’t jump and he’s tiny. Not sure I’d be as entertained had the Bulls lost, though.
  • 33 minutes for Pau, 29 for Joakim Noah, 19 for Taj Gibson and 14 for Mirotic. While none of these guys are probably happy about the court time they’re seeing, it’s incredibly beneficial to have four big men who can dominate. The deep rotation will work wonders on energy in May if these guys can stay healthy.
  • E’Twaun Moore snagged 20 minutes with Kirk Hinrich out (guilty pleasure), possibly supplanting Tony Snell in the rotation for good. Snell was useless once again in his nine minutes. Another whiff by GarPax, but you have to give them credit for drafting Jimmy and Niko in the first round in 2011.
  • Mike Dunleavy continued his streak of poor offensive games, actually going scoreless tonight. The Bulls will need to get Mike going again soon; he’s an important part of their offense when he’s hot.
  • The Bulls will take a day off before hopefully obliterating Kobe Bryant and the Lakers on Christmas!