2013-14 League Pass Legends: Detroit Pistons


As an investor, financial shortcomings make me bitter.  Nothing holds more true than when Bick and I lost our Detroit Over/Under wins bet by one measly contest. I’m fuming as I write this… Keep in mind that the Pistons started 0-8 and Andre Drummond missed ten games down the stretch! Now, in 2013, I’m doubling down.  While some would call this a symptom of a gambling problem, I view this a responsible way of reviving a struggling facet of my portfolio.

With Brandon Jennings and Josh Smith arriving in the Motor City, the Pistons are surely going to be much improved.  Throw in Drummond and Greg Monroe and you’ve got an arguable fifth or sixth seed in the Eastern Conference.  The Pistons have a little bit of everything, posing matchup nightmares with every team in the conference.  On any given night, one of the Pistons’ starters can step up and lead the team.  There’s too much potential and firepower in the starting five for them to be bad.  Albeit Jennings has had his ups and downs as a pro, I think he finally takes the step up knowing that he’s playing with quality talent.  With lobs to Drummond on the interior and kick outs to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope on the perimeter, the former Buck should see his assist total skyrocket.

While the parts of the whole may take some time to click, the Pistons should pose a formidable opponent to every contender and trounce the trash of the Eastern Conference.  While the other members of DRaT might tune into the games of their favorite League Pass squads once in a while, I guarantee that I’ll be fully engaged.  If only for no other reason than the fact that the squad’s success affects my bottom line.

Jake is looking forward to watching Rip City

Geo’s pumped for Year 1 of the Pellies

Bicky thinks the Nets have the right mix of talent and experience

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