Green On Fire


I must admit than when I predicted that Danny Green would win MVP I was a bit facetious. Yes, it is undeniable that Green had been a key contributor through the first four games of the series, but I was kind of waiting for any of the traditional stars from either team to seize the opportunity to shine in these back and forward NBA Finals. But the regression to the mean that we all have been waiting for has not happened yet, as Green put on another incredible display of long distance shooting in Game 5, going 6-10 from three. The impressive performance somehow actually lowered Green’s 3P%. That is how ridiculously hot this guy has been so far. A 60% shooting night from three was perhaps his worst performance of the finals.

And Sunday night wasn’t just an impressive performance. It was also a record breaking one. Ray Allen had previously held the record for most treys in a single NBA finals, knocking down 22 in seven games in 2008. Green has shattered that mark, with 25 already through just five games! THE DUDE IS AVERAGING FIVE 3’S A GAME!! ON 68.5% SHOOTING!!!! FROM DEEP AS FUCK!!!!!!!

Looking ahead to Game 6, the Heat need to be asking themselves some tough questions: How can we get Lebron going early, how can we reintegrate the Birdman into the rotation, how can we get Mike Miller some more open looks. But the question that has kept Sad Erik Spoelstra up at night has got to be “HOLY FUCK CAN SOMEBODY GUARD THAT FUCKING D-LEAGUE PIECE OF SHIT?!?!?”

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