DeMarcus Cousins: My Love Affair with the Boogie Man

Isaiah Thomas, DeMarcus Cousins, Chris Paul

Hey Guys,

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a bit of a paradox.  While I might seem impossible to please, I’m actually the easiest to please. Having said this, there are a few things that I irrationally enjoy: chewing ice, watching stock tickers go up and down, White Sox baseball and DeMarcus Cousins. While I could talk your ear off about my favorite texture of ice or the Sox’s future prospects, this is not the venue to do so. However, thanks to my superiors here at DRaT, I can laud over Boogie on this forum.

I’ve been asked the following question many a time: out of all the players in the NBA (to love unconditionally), why DeMarcus Cousins?

The love-story began sometime sophomore year of college.  At the AEPI house, we were fortune enough to have NBA League Pass. The world of League Pass opens brand new doors for NBA fans.  Suddenly, a Wednesday night Sacramento-Portland match-up was fair game.  I know, exciting. It must have been on one of these lame duck nights where the Boogie Man caught my eye. From a basketball perspective, he displays it all: solid interiors moves, surprisingly good vision, a decent stroke and loads of potential.  From a chirping standpoint, he’s in a class of his own.

See, DeMarcus and Technical Fouls are like Peanut Butter and Jelly.  They’re just meant to be together.  Or Adam and Orah, for a more accurate depiction. While he’s no stranger to swinging an elbow or jawing his mouth off, Cousins just wants to succeed and prove that he’s the type of talent that warrants a front office firing its head coach.

For a player like Cousins, Sacramento might have been the worst destination coming out of Kentucky.  At the time, the Kings had no semblance of veteran leadership (still true today) and the most-inept owners in the NBA running the show. Plus, add in how lame Sacramento is and it’s understandable why the Boogie Man has to throw his own parties…. Doesn’t necessarily scream like a great setting for developing a 20-year-old kid. In his three years in the league, I will contend that Cousins has actually done a decent job acclimating to the pros.

Basketball analysis:

He’s one of the most efficient low post scorers, improved his free-throw percentage each season and cut down on his fouls.  Assuming he continues these trends, he should be a monster as he enters his prime.  Remember, he’s only turning 23!

Until now, Cousins has been an NBA orphan, alone in this league.  Refs don’t like him, coaches can’t stand him and most fans are sick of his antics. I’m not of those fans.  It probably has to do with the fact that I play a lot like Boogie on the court.  Of course, minus the skilled part. I like to chirp at my opponent but I’m constantly trying to win the game. No matter the venue, the Sleepy-Town Arena or Life Time in Vernon Hills, that’s the objective of the game.  Down deep, I think Boogie gets that.

While the man’s not foreign to bad shot selection or dogging it down the court, he plays his behind off when push comes to shove. On April 5th, Cousins and Blake Griffin got into an altercation during a Clippers win.  Cousins called Griffin a “baby” and an “actor” for his soft-play.  On a side note, Boogie was probably right.

Less than two weeks later, in the final game of the regular season, Boogie singlehandedly beat the Clips by logging 36 points and 22 rebounds. After the game, Cousins said the following, “I gave it my all. I did it for the fans. It was also a statement going into next season. I want to do more for the fans and win more games.”

He’s got cohones. He’s got a mean side.  But most importantly, he’s got a ton of skill.  Just check out this dunk.

I also think that’s why new ownership will hand DeMarcus a big, fat max deal in the near future. While I love that the Kings wear purple and that I share the same initials as the franchise, I hope that you guys can see that my love for the Boogie Man is real.

(Editor’s note: Steve goes by DeStavster Cousins on Twitter, and is generally insane.)

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